Enso Women’s Braided Ring – 2023 Buying Guide & Review

Are you looking for a more subtle, thinner range of silicone bands for yourself or your fiancé/wife? If that is the case, today is your lucky day as you have found yourself at the right place. The Enso Women’s Braided Ring is just the pick for you.

Pick from a wide range of simple band to diamond or pyramid grooved designs, not only do they offer among the most sleek and sophisticated designs in the market but they also offer an unmatched selection with their color ranges that include fresh as sea colors like lavender, pink sand, coral, mint green, turquoise, fuchsia, misty grey or if you prefer darker shades you could go for their midnight blue, plum purple and our personal favorite; obsidian black.

Whatever your preference may be with that large variety, everyone is sure to find their perfect color pick.

Enso Women’s Braided Ring

Enso Womens Braided Ring


The rings cost only a fraction of the price of some of the other rings in the market therefore, if you’re into stacking rings, you could go for their pyramid or braided stackable silicone rings. Topping it all off you could also order their prepared sets of 4 or 8 carefully chosen bands, which complete an amazing looking set.

Super unique, super fun and super comfortable, mix and stack them up on your finger suited to any outfit, accessory, occasion or simply sport a unique look every day.

Enso silicone rings are designed to fit your lifestyle flexibility, made of only premium hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone so they are always safe to wear and made for the most sensitive skin.

Never worry about taking your ring off before an activity ever again may it be sports, hiking, workout or just a car wash. Seamlessly go around on your excursions without worrying about losing your ring or just getting it dirty because one wash and it is always as good as new.

Another great reason to get these rings are that they come with patented Anti ring-Avulsion technology meaning in the case of an impact to your finger, the ring breaks off absorbing the impact and keeping your finger/fingers safe.

They offer rings of sizes as small as size 3 and as big as size 12, so everyone can find their size with them and if by chance you happen to order the wrong size you or you happen to weight gain in the future which is inevitable for most people except the lucky few they also thankfully offer a lifetime replacement warranty so you’re never going to need to buy another ring with this on your hands.

Small, low profile and so lightweight you’ll barely notice it on your finger. All these qualities make the Enso silicone range an all in one complete package. What else could you even possibly ask for? Go get a set right now and flaunt your style! You will never regret this decision you make. Everyone will compliment your rings wherever you go!