Picking wedding bands is the most cherished part of the wedding for a couple. It’s not another item on the list that can get checked off on a whim. The stakes are much higher. There are a lot of sentiments associated with this piece of jewelry.

Bride and Grooms like to spend countless hours searching for the perfect place to and the perfect wedding band. While most couples fixate themselves to metal bands, there are a lot of inexpensive and safer options available.

Transformation in Wedding Bands

Like every couple, you too have metal bands in your mind as your wedding bands. But consider yourself lucky because your vision for the wedding bands will take a 180 degree shift once you look at the new silicon wedding bands.

Whether you want to bring uniqueness to your wedding band or want to feel less worried about taking care of your wedding band, silicon bands it the thing to explore. They have become extremely popular for the benefits it has over traditional metal bands. It’s a fashionable yet affordable choice.

The silicone wedding band frees you from the worry of taking care of symbol your marriage. Hundreds of couples have made the switch to silicon wedding rings and are happy with the choice they made.

About Silicon Wedding Bands

Silicon rings are not new, but recently it has picked up popularity and has heightened the appeal to the bride and groom-to-be for its benefits over metal rings. Enso Silicone Wedding Rings and Bands are equally liked by men and women alike as the rings are available in great styles and colors. It’s flexible yet durable and prevents blisters and ring avulsion, which is common in metal wedding rings.

The inherent properties of the material silicon, such as heat resistance and non-conductivity, makes it an excellent choice for couples whose profession does not allow them to wear metal jewelry to work. It is a safe choice for men in the field, electricians, and nurses.

These rings are not expensive at all. Couples are also buying these silicone rings as a supplementary ring to their actual wedding bands. They wear them in their day to day routine without feeling the burden of taking care of the ring.

It so lightweight that you don’t even feel you’re wearing anything in your finger. Silicon has the feel of rubber, but it’s much nicer and durable. It’s not 100% rubber; the primary ingredient is silica sand. Unlike ordinary rubber, it gives silicon resistance to temperature changes and abrasion.

Silicon is food safe as it is inert and does not react to chemicals. The silicon bands are extremely durable and flexible. The band returns to its normal size quickly after being stretched and compressed.

Banded Glory Silicone Rings

Banded Glory Silicone Rings


Banded Glory was founded by the US veteran Kevin Pryor and it is a small family-owned business for manufacturing Silicon rings. Their rings are available for both men and women and they will make amazing wedding bands for couples looking for matching band. The bands are simple, sleek and trendy, making it an ideal pick for minimalists. You will fall in love will them the moment you put it on.

The design is simple, there are no patterns or designs on the ring. Except for an infinity sign on the inside, which is the cutest thing about thing about these bands. They are offered in a variety of colors; black, white, grey and blue for men, and aqua, black, grey, pink, purple, red and white.

For men, the bands are slightly wider as compared to those for women. The solid flamboyant colors suit all skin tones and stand out with all outfits. It will never go unnoticed whether you wear them to a party or to your gym.

The bands are made of hypoallergenic, high-grade silicon. It is a perfect thing to get for people allergic to different metals and end up locking their jewelry in the closet. They’re extremely durable and 100% safe for wearing it on a daily basis. The bands rescue you from all the worries of damaging your jewelry during your regular activities.

You will never feel the need to take it off as there isn’t any activity that can damage the ring. Silicon bands are lightweight and sit perfectly in your fingers. They’re extremely comfortable and easy to carry around. Whether you are buying this as a gift or are searching for one for yourself, Banded Glory will not disappoint you. Their bands excel in every front; quality, durability, style, and price point.

Skin Safe Design

The Skin Safe design, by Banded Glory, conforms to the solid look of the traditional rings. The matte finish of the grey band is as close as you can get to a metal wedding ring. All the other colors have a class of their own. They’re made with high-quality silicon rubber, and it is suitable for people prone to allergies to metal.

The Skin Safe design has contoured edges. It sits perfectly in the finger and is insanely comfortable. They have a great variety of colors for men and women. The size of the bands for men is 8.7mm wide and for women, the width is 5.5mm, while the thickness is 2.0mm for both.

The only downside of these rings is that the silicon material is gripping, making it slightly uncomfortable to put the hands in the pocket. Minor resistance is felt at the start, but that feeling goes away with time.

The prices demanded Banded Glory for the Skin Safe design is only a fraction of what most known brand charges for quality make of this level. Keeping up with the promise to durability, all rings from Banded Glory come with a 1-year warranty. And immediate return policy for not liking the product even.

  • Contoured edges increase the comfort level
  • Price much lower than silicon rings from other brands
  • Available in both trendy and subtle colors
  • Extremely light weight
  • No fear of straching and putting a dent on the ring
  • Durable and well-made
  • Brand is relatively less known in the market
  • The band loosens up after sometime
  • Silicon material is gripping
  • Buy on Amazon

Step Edge Design

Another design by Banded Glory that resembles metal wedding bands. With its beveled edges, the Step Edge design combines the sophistication of the traditional rings and carries the perks of silicon rings.

The steps in the design are finished by the soft edges to preserve the comfort of Silicon rings. Perfection in design is achieved by using stainless steel molds for manufacturing the silicon bands. This ensures uniform quality across the product.

This design also comes in two sizes, 8.7mm for men and 5.5mm for women. Both styles are available in a good range of colors; grey, pink, purple, red, teal, white and blue. The products come with a Lifetime Warranty on complaints related to ring size. The silicon bands are versatile and are suitable to be worn at sports and work. The non-conductive property of silicon makes them safe for sensitive professions like fire fighting.

The high-quality silicon rubber used in manufacturing Step Edge gives it low profile and uncompromised integrity. The silicon rings are so soft that you won’t even feel you’re wearing a ring.

  • Cost a dime in comparison with metal band
  • Tapered edges maintains the comfort
  • Available for all finger sizes
  • Non-porous material causes sweating
  • Precision sizing is necessary
  • Buy on Amazon

Final Words

If you’re still confused about your decision to choose Banded Glory over metal rings, take a look at the product reviews on Amazon. You’ll be amazed by the positive remarks on these bands and will be convinced to order silicone wedding band for you and your partner.

The variety of sizes and colors is the best thing about Banded Glory. The smallest size available is 4 and it goes all the way up to size 12. We recommend getting half a size bigger than your actual ring size to have the ring fit you perfectly.

If you want to explore another type of silicone rings here we have Honorgear Silicone Rings for you with unique design and material.

Rest assured, the silicon bands by Banded Glory will always be a part of you and you’ll never find yourself switching back to metal bands. Silicon rings in white and grey are accurately matched to the metal rings. The satin finish makes indistinguishable from a far and can fool anyone.

The silicon material is food safe, non conductive and scratch proof. The features puts an end to the hassle of taking your ring off whenever you’re heading to work, gym or are worried that you’ll put a dent on the ring while working.

With a silicone rings, you can say good-bye to ring avulsion forever. For people with sweaty hands, the silicon bands by Banded Glory is sadly not the best choice as it gets a bit irritating. Silicon bands with grooves will solve that problem too. Banded Glory only has two designs available. But these designs are very stylish and have the same design as those of traditional metal bands.

Our favourite feature of the Banded Glory silicon rings it that every wedding band comes with an infinity symbol on the inside of the ring. The sign adds meaning to the wedding bands for it is universally understood as the symbol of love and undying commitment.

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