Engagement or marriage is a tremendous leap in life and one of the most exciting moments one can ever imagine. There are various things one can be excited about, like the dress, the venue, the food; but the ring is something so minimal yet so important that it requires a lot of thought as well as affection. In the past, people preferred traditional rings but as people change, so do their opinions. Nowadays, people are more into something new and different.

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Best Silicone Rings

You might be thinking that why haven’t you heard of these silicone rings before, well that’s because they have recently been introduced! They are one of the best options as wedding bands as they are super trendy and durable and don’t require much maintenance – who doesn’t want that!

Silicone rings are the new, chic, to die for rings! They’re one less thing to worry about expense wise as they are super affordable. Plus, if you are a busy person with no time at all, this is the ring for you!

Best Silicone Wedding Rings

I knew you still might be unsure as this is something very new and unexposed, so I gathered up some of the best silicone designs of 2018. They’ll show you that they are available in elegant and sleek designs as well as a variety of colours. Believe me; you won’t regret giving them a look! Here are 10 of the best designs available. I hope you find the wedding band of your dreams!

1. Kauai Silicone

Kauai Silicone


These designs are proof that silicone rings are not boring and simple! Just look at that amazing scrollwork design. This design is from the beautifully designed silicone range by Kauai. It’s one the first brands to pop up when you search silicone rings.

This ring is built from the safest, more durable silicone plus it looks absolutely amazing. It’s a perfect fit for people who are looking for something unique to flaunt on their big day.

Along with this alluring design, you have an option of variety of colors like black, gray or cream. If you’re looking for something more bold and funky, you can even choose red or pink! If you’re not that into this design, you can always opt with their classic burgundy option which is not just a beautiful color but also a very minimal and sleek design.

Plus, who doesn’t love a lifetime warrantee? Yes, ring comes with a lifetime warrantee! It will be replaced if anything ever happens to it. Chances are, it won’t ever need any replacement as silicone super durable! Guess what?

This ring can withstand up to 400 degrees and still retain their original shape and size! The best part is that they are really comfortable to wear at all times and they can easily compliment any other jewelry that you’re wearing.

Both the sleek look and the comfortable fit cooperate with your lifestyle and career! This design is unisex and fit for both men and women, plus they’re available in many sizes. They’re in sizes as small as 5 and as large as 13. This design is definitely fit for a chic, modern couple!

2. Enso Women’s Silicone Ring

Enso Womens Braided Ring


Some of the women out there may think that the designs of silicone rings are bit too chunky. Well if that’s so, this is the ring for you! It’s a super sleek, thinner band one of the best options for both men and women. This braided design is very sophisticated and modern and would glow up anyone’s hand!

The best part is that there are so many colors available in this design; ranging from cool toned colors like coral, fuchsia, lavender, sand pink, mint green, peach and turquoise to deeper colors like midnight blue, obsidian black, red and plum purple.

There’s even the option of white. Wow! That’s a lot of colors! You could choose the color that touches you and your partner’s soul!

They are so affordable that your pocket wouldn’t mind it if got it in even more than one color! You can even wear 2 or 3 at the same time and they would look even more beautiful and lighten up your hands.

Enso rings are very durable and safe to wear as they are made out of the best quality silicone. They can withstand any sort of stress that you go through.  This range of rings also has a wide range of sizes from the super tiny size 3 to a much larger size 12.

Do you know what the best part is? You can easily get your ring replaced if you lose or put on some weight! What can be better than that! This is a huge problem people have to face with normal wedding rings, their size changes and they have to go through a lot to get that fixed up.

This isn’t a problem at all with these rings all because of their promising lifetime replacement warrantee.

3. ROQ Silicone Ring for Women

ROQ Silicone for Women


The ROQ silicone rings are another amazing choose. They are simple, thin bands with a variety of design options like a sleek band, a band with engraved diamond shapes, a groovy bang or a band with glitter. There are so many to choose from!

These aren’t the only options you have; you also have a wide range of colors like bright pink, turquoise, white, black and eve silver and gold! Doesn’t this variety want you make them all? The ROQ range is one of the silicone ranges with the most unique options.

Did you know you could get these rings in a pack of 4 and even 8? Isn’t that awesome? You could get a variety of colors and designs and stack them on top of each other to make a cute set. If you don’t want a set, you could even purchase a single piece. A single ring is 2.5mm thick and would be the best option for someone looking for a ring that is as minimal as possible.

These rings are very safe to be used on a daily basis. Plus, they are made of the best silicone which is hypoallergenic which is really beneficial for allergy prone women. They are also super comfortable and easy to carry with any kind of outfit.

These bands will be there with you through thick and thin, always by your side as they are super durable. You can view your size on their easy to use size chart to find your perfect fit. Their sizes range from 4 to 11.5.

I’m sure these bands will bring a smile on your face whether you get 1 or 8! They are very affordable, elegant and distinguished. I’m sure they won’t ever be a disappointment, and have a very special place in your heart!  

4. QALO Men’s Ring

QALO Men’s Ring


This is a perfect ring for your future husband! It’s a fierce and manly looking ring which is extremely durable. It’s a perfect match if your man is a strong, hardworking man that does a lot of handiwork as these rings are made of the strongest type of silicone and contain a material, the Q2X, which can withstand 22 pounds of force as well as can resist oil and gas as well as temperature ranging from -75 degrees to 575 degrees. This prodigious ring can withstand so much!

Along with all these features, the QALO range has a variety of options to choose from. It can have a crosshatch, chevron or sleek band, which are all suitable for men with an active lifestyle. You can choose from a various color range like black, gray or navy blue. It’s also available in the amazing camouflage design which is perfect for an army man or anyone in general. Who doesn’t love a classic camo print?

This isn’t the typical wedding band. It’s perfect for those men looking for something modern yet super stylish and astounding. Keeping its durability in mind, it’s perfect for men who always have their hands in work.

It doesn’t matter which design you get, all of them are very sleek, edgy and macho. They are available in sizes 8 to 14. These bold looking rings are very comfortable to wear and they will definitely bring a smile on the face of your husband to be!

5. Thunderfit Silicone Rings

ThunderFit Thin and Stackable Rings


These sleek, thin bands are an amazing choice for those looking to stack some bands onto each other to make a perfect looking stack!  They look amazing as one piece as well as they are very delicate looking. You can get them as a one piece or a set of 8 pieces, and they would look absolutely alluring both ways. 

The color options you have with this range are rose pink, white, gold, bronze, dark blue light blue, black and so many more. It’ll for sure be hard to choose just one! It also has a shiny diamond pattern which makes it different from other simple bands.

These rings are super easy to wear and very elegant looking; they’re perfect for wearing on a daily basis. They can withstand any kind of work you do so that you have no problem flaunting them every single day, no matter where you go.

They can even bear 43 pounds of force, making sure they are very safe and suitable for your operating lifestyle. ThunderFit use a very high quality silicone which is extremely durable and flexible too. The flexibility makes it very easy to use for those people with swelling problems and makes sure that the rings don’t get stuck or cause any kind of problem.

The flexibility also ensures a perfect fit for everyone! The sizes range from 3.5 up to size 9, which is a fairly wide range for most women. These rings are one of the best options in the variety of silicone rings, and look very elegant as a single and in a stack. They are sure to brighten up your hands!

6. HonorGear Silicone Ring



Some people have a different choice in designs and prefer something absolutely simple and minimalistic. This design is beautifully plain and has a very graceful look without any logo and is a sleek band. It’s best for men who are not into fancy designs and like keeping things to a minimum.

The durability of this band is amazing as it has a tensile strength of 183 Newton which is A LOT! The whole range of bands is the same simple band but it’s available in a variety of colors like black, light and dark grey, blue, yellow, red, silver, purple and tan. It’s an amazing, comfortable ring to wear all day with really smooth edges that won’t ever bother you!

A plus point to these bands is that they are waterproof and withstand any damage by water and they are made that a special non toxic silicone. The width of the band is 1.77 cm which is the perfect amount for a wedding band. It’s not too wide and it’s not too narrow!

The sizes are starting from 6 and are up to 16, which is quite a wide range to easily find your size. One of the most attractive features (other than the look, of course!), is the lifetime guarantee. So if you ever accidently damage your ring, it will get replaced for free. Isn’t that just amazing?

This simple, blank band is best for those who tend to work with their hands a lot or have active work, like army men or women and even athletes. 

7. ROQ Wedding Silicone Ring

ROQ Silicone for Men


Many men out there like to keep it simple, but like a bit of flare. If that’s you, or your significant other, this ring is perfect! This design is really minimal and has a beveled inner edge. This makes the ring have a really classy look without being to extra.

The color options are also minimal but they are the most elegant like grey, black and silver, which would be the choice of many men out there. This band is very posh and comfortable at the same time!

We mentioned ROQ silicone rings for women, and these are the ones for men. Both of them made our list as they are one the best options one could go for because for their absolutely chic, comfortable and durable range of rings.

They are 8mm thick and are not too wide and are the perfect thickness. They are made of medical grade silicone that is hypoallergenic. These sleek bands come in packs of 4. You can wear the color according to your mood or outfit! Isn’t that awesome?

Not only women get choices like this, but men do too! These sets are available in sizes as small as 6 and large as 16. These bands are super affordable plus, they have a lifetime warranty! Other than that, the best part is that you can get your money back if you aren’t satisfied for any reason. These bands have so many plus points that it’s hard to look away!

8. BULZi Silicone Wedding Rings

BULZi Massaging Comfort Fit


The BULZi bands are absolutely astounding with their beautiful look! They are bound to catch your eye. They are different from other bands we selected because of their extra comfort. This extra comfort is given by their CushDome bevels!

Usually it’s irritating to have the whole band touching you finger, especially if you have sweaty hands. These bevels make sure the ring is directly not in contact with the entire area under it by lifting up the ring a tiny, unnoticeable amount. This also helps air to flow keeping your hands fresh and comfortable! This is made for those who have easily irritated skin, keeping all their concerns in mind.

Other than all that, these bands are really durable and can go through all forceful circumstances. They are known to provide the extra comfort that everyone is always looking for! They are even made of hypoallergenic silicone, for those with sensitive skin.

These bands are made for men and women, having a large color range including pink, purple, black, navy blue, sage, turquoise and teak. The sizes are available from 4 to 13. There’s something you may want to keep in mind regarding the size.

It’s that you should consider ordering a size smaller than your ring size if you have a size in half to make sure that your band is not too big. It’s a buy you won’t regret for sure!

9. QALO Women’s Silicone Wedding Rings

QALO Women’s Functioning Ring


Both QALO’s men’s and women’s caught our eye and made it on our list! This is another amazing option for women that are looking for a wedding band that is beautifully simple and elegant. You can choose the color as well as the design while getting these rings.

They are available in twisted, step, geo, bead, peak and even smooth design. You’re given so many choices! They’re all so delicate and astonishing that you can’t resist getting more than just one! You get as many as you want stack them however you like. The colors available are so beautiful, which are all also very hard to resist. They are black and white as well as purple amethyst and aquamarine.

Like all other QALO rings, they are extremely durable and have a tensile strength that can bear 7 pounds of pressure. They can also withstand a huge temperature range from -75 to 575 degrees! These rings can definitely get through extremely rough conditions, and are made of the best silicone.

They have a size which perfect for most women, ranging from 4 to 9.these rings are true to sizes meaning that you don’t have to worry about getting a ring too small or too large. These QALO rings make a perfect select for every bride!

10. Banded Glory Silicone Ring

Banded Glory


The last, but not the least is Banded Glory bands! These bands are for both men and women, so you can get the exact same or maybe different colors. Men can choose from black, blue, grey and white while their brides can choose from black, grey, white, purple, aqua, red and pink. All these colors would look so delightful!

These bands have a very simple sleek look besides having a beveled edge at the top and bottom. It doesn’t have any kind of design or pattern or anything fancy and is best for those couples that are looking for something elegant as well as minimal.

They are made of hypoallergenic material and the best kind of silicone. The band has a unique, very cute feature that is it has an infinity symbol engraved on the inside. Who wouldn’t want that to be a part of their wedding band?

You never have to worry about them getting damaged because of their immense durability. You can ever wear them if you have an active lifestyle. They are so comfortable that you might even forget you’re wearing a band. The sizes range from 4 to 12. Banded Glory recommends those with half sizes to get a band up one size for the perfect fit.

11. Groove Life Silicone Ring for Men and Women Wedding

Groove Life Silicone Ring for Men and Women Wedding


Out of thousands of silicone ring brands available on the market, Groove Life is one of the silicone band company that houses several trendy and quality silicone bands. Groove Life believes in three things – serve people, inspire adventure and reflect god.

The company believes in serving people through exceptional customer service, outstanding products and content. Also, they believe in sharing adventures in the wild, in business and life. The last thing is to reflect god, and how do they do it? By maintaining standards and striving for excellence in every aspect of the business.

Final Thoughts

The above mentioned 10 silicone rings are what we found to be the best. They all had amazing color ranges and size ranges, both for men and women. There were all very comfortable and having some unisex options, in case you want matching wedding bands! There is a huge variety of designs all which are comfortable, elegant and beautiful. All those things you look for in a perfect wedding band!

Silicone wedding rings will be there though every phase of life you go through with your partner, including the life changing ceremony, followed by a never forgetting honeymoon, even through building a house with your own hands and these bands will also be with you when your raise your children together and finally grow old.

Choosing a ring is definitely a huge decision for you and your partner; especially when you’re considering going from something that isn’t in the norm as much as traditional wedding bands. This is why were giving some answers to most frequently asked questions about silicone wedding rings down below. We hope we can help you make this huge life decision.

Frequently asked questions:

Q) Are silicone rings really as durable as said? Q) Will I regret not getting a traditional ring?Q) How do I figure out my ring size? Is it the same as the traditional size?

Can I wear them everywhere?

A): Definitely! These rings are not just the simply affordable option. They have a lot more to offer and durability is one of those things. They can be worn in any kind of conditions and withstand high and low temperatures as well as high forces and pressure. These silicone rings are designed like this so you don’t have to ever worry about taking them off or causing any damage to it like other metal rings.

Everyone has a different choice and this question can’t be specifically answered. They may not be the fancy expensive rings but they are totally worth it. They are very affordable and best for those who are trying to invest into their future by not spending a lot on the wedding. Maybe sometime in life, you would want a traditional band and you could get that, but you won’t ever feel you wasted your money on silicone rings.

A): This is such a good question and most people get confused if the silicone size is the same as the metal ring size. Well, it actually depends on the brand. Some are the same and they mention that they are true to size like QALO men’s rings. Even if they aren’t, a size chart is provided where you can find your perfect fit by measuring the diameter of your finger. You could get a string and measure the diameter of your finger and mark it at the exact point it meets the start and measures the diameter by holding it against a ruler. It’s as easy as that!