QALO Women’s Functional Ring – 2023 Buying Guide

The QALO Men’s rings were mentioned earlier in our list and they are one of the outstanding options mentioned. They are a brand that don’t work just in silicone rings but have a large variety of products to offer like dog tags, pendants, blankets and so much more.

They also offer the option to customize your jewelry, which is an amazing little gesture if you are getting it as a gift for someone or even for yourself. You can also get customized dog tags. Isn’t that just adorable? Well, this isn’t what we are here to talk about! Let’s discuss the rings!

QALO Women’s Functional Ring

QALO Women’s Functional Ring


The QALO women’s rings are really simple and cute. They are not too fancy and have a delicate appearance. Not to worry, the delicacy in the appearance does not affect the durability! It is an amazing selection as a wedding band. This brand offers many designs and colors and you can choose something that perfectly fits your personality. You can get various styles like a twisted design, step design or even a geo, bead, peak or smooth design.

You are sure to love these minimal and stunning designs. They are super stylish and perfect for a wedding band. You can even get your significant other’s name engraved on the inside, or even your wedding date. That is such a cute addition to a wedding ring!

The QALO women’s rings are in such beautiful colors that will make you want to have them all. The colors are black, white and bold colors like purple amethyst and turquoise. The design is super delicate and the band is quite thin. You can easily stack them onto each other and wear them as a set or even wear them as singles if you are looking for a more minimal touch.

QALO _ The Functional Wedding Ring Made For Your Everyday Life

QALO rings are known for their high level durability and strength. They offer high quality of silicone that is guaranteed to give you maximum durability as well as satisfaction. They also don’t break easily. These bands can withstand up to 7 pounds of pressure. They can also bear extreme temperatures as low as -75 degrees and as high as 575 degrees. That is a lot!

The size range offered is pretty amazing and everyone can find a perfect fit. The sizes available are from a small size 4 up to a large size 9. One thing you should keep in mind is that the QALO rings fit true to their size. This means that their sizes are exactly what they are stated to be ensuring that the ring fits properly and is exactly according to the size you ordered.

All the designs and colors offered by QALO are extremely astounding and are sure to catch your eye, just like they caught ours! They are minimal and delicate making them the perfect option as a wedding band. We are sure that you or your bride will fall in love with this super chic wedding band. You won’t regret your decision! Go check out their collection now! We know you’ll love them all.